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Pattern Talent is an independent artist brand created by Darya Karenski, a surface pattern and textile designer and artist, both traditional and digital. 
She has a deep color fascination rooted in her classical painting training that she received as a child. 
Darya's various interests as a flower gardener, linguist, bibliophile and global crafts history enthusiast amalgamate into her vibrant artistic style which is a unique combination of sophisticated and quirky. Her preferred mediums are watercolor, ink and gouache.
Being a true citizen of the world (born on the Russian Far East right on the border with China, growing up in Germany and Belarus), Darya is proud of her Russian-Ukrainian heritage and currently based in the Boston area, Massachusetts, USA, her home of 13 years. 
Traveling across the ocean in 2011 with an 11-month old daughter, her husband and one suitcase, Darya's family is a manifestation of American Dream in the making. English and German linguist and teacher by her first education, Darya decided to pursue her abandoned childhood passion for arts and crafts, graduating from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in Textiles in 2016. 
After 5 years in corporate textile and surface pattern design, accumulating an impressive designer skillset in apparel, home textiles and stationery, Karenski has moved on to raise her "number 2 baby" - Pattern Talent. 
The bold brand name was coined by her husband with the motto "Go big or go home", and the logo reflects the traditional pre-computer pattern drawing method with a tracing paper sheet cut into four pieces and rearranged several times in numbered sequences, so that a seamless repeat tile is created in the end.
Embracing her pattern obsession fully, Darya has recently expanded her love of painting and illustration and is now offering art prints and original paintings.
Darya has a YouTube channel where she shares her passion for textiles and painting and is also working on recording Skillshare classes on these topics.
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