Green Promise

Pattern Talent by Darya Karenski Green Promise

Knowing of textiles’ considerable ecological imprint on the Earth, Pattern Talent as a business is striving to reduce impact on the environment as much as possible. We are working hard to make sure the products you buy from us are designed, manufactured, priced and shipped in the most eco-friendly way. As someone who grew up in a close connection to nature and continues drawing inspiration from the world around, Darya is committed to environmental protection and preservation.

 Made to Order

Each product is printed to order which eliminates the need of unnecessary stock and the associated production waste, including water and electricity use.


Fiber-reactive dyes are one of the safest options and digital printing is more eco-friendly than traditional screen printing and pigment printing.

 Created to Last

Rather than quickly switching between thirsty trends, Pattern Talent products are thoughtfully designed to last in a timeless aesthetic.

 Made in North America

We have carefully researched our suppliers and selected the ones with high environmental standards and work ethic. Our products are made in the US and Canada at facilities providing fair pay and safe work conditions.

 Quality Standards

Our vendor state-of-the-art facility in Canada prints fabric to the highest modern standards. Fabrics that print incorrectly can simply be washed and reprinted. The washing machinery recirculates water to minimize water usage. The steamer uses less than 40 liters of water most production days.

Natural gas heaters are used to power the printer heater and widely accepted energy saving techniques are practiced daily within the printing facility including recycling all cardboard, papers and plastics.

As a common industry practice, silk fabric we use is woven in China (the birthplace of silk!). Our 100% silk habotai is made in a factory with OEKO-TEX certification for standardized and safe working conditions.

 By choosing our products, you are making a significant contribution to a greener future. Thank you for your support!