Frequently Asked Questions about Pattern Talent products

1. Who is Pattern Talent? Why this name?

Pattern Talent is woman-owned small business founded by an independent artist and textile designer Darya Karenski. With her major focus on repeating patterns, “Pattern Talent” appeared a bold and outspoken choice for a brand name! Extra spice for the rhythmic beauty of the collocation.

2. What products do you offer?

We currently offer 100% silk and vegan square silk scarves, original watercolor paintings, fine art giclee prints, kitchen towels and pillow covers with plans on expanding to fabric cut by the yard, notebooks, cosmetic bags and more. Drop us a note if you are looking for a specific product!

3. Who designs your products?

All products are designed by Darya in Central Massachusetts, USA, in the Boston area.

4. What makes your products special? Is there something I can’t get off the rack in a department store?

A combination of bespoke design and environmentally conscious printing process – all products are made to order and eliminate the unnecessary production with all associated waste.

Artwork ranging from whimsical, history-inspired designs to sophisticated watercolor florals is hand-painted in a variety of traditional media and finessed with modern digital technology.

By choosing our products you support a small woman-owned business!

5. Where are the products made?

Textile products are made In the USA and Canada. Paper products such as fine art prints are made in the USA.

6. What fabrics do you offer for scarves?

We offer a total of 5 selections of fabric according to what suits each design the best:

 100% Silk Charmeuse

The queen of silk fabrics! 100% natural silk with a beautiful subtle pearly glow. Extremely soft, flowy and lightweight. As all natural silk fabrics, it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. A truly gorgeous choice! 

100% Silk Habotai

Another 100% natural silk fabric, this semi-transparent silk is very lightweight. Choose this fabric if you prefer a sheer scarf. 

Silk Modal

This silk blend fabric feels like the lightest, softest cotton there is! It combines the homespun feel with luxurious drape of silk. Colors are gently muted with a matte, delicately weathered surface. Choose this fabric for a more boho, rustic luxury, organic look. This blend is more durable than straight silk itself! 15% silk/85% beechwood modal.

Vegan Satin Charmeuse

A faux silk fabric that has a very realistic silky look and feel. The colors print bright and vivid. Hand selected with great care and very satisfying! 100% polyester.

 Vegan Chiffon

A very lightweight faux silk fabric with a sheer look. Colors are vivid with a touch of transparency. 100% polyester.

7. What sizes are the scarves?

2 sizes are available:

- 26 in/ 66 cm neckerchief

- classic 36 in/ 91 cm oversized scarf 

 We are able to provide other sizes in the future if there is enough interest.

8. I'm lost in all the fabric and size variations. What do you recommend?

Our favorite is 100% silk charmeuse in 26"/66 cm. It's the ultimate combination of luxurious silk in a handy size at a reasonable price.

If you prefer a bigger shawl-size scarf, we are offering the classic 36" scarf like Hermès and other iconic scarf brands.

Choose natural silk options for the utmost silk experience. We are happily offering vegan fabric options as well. Silk/modal fabric is best for a more boho, organic look and lightweight "cotton" feel.

9. How are scarves finished?

With a 2 mm machine rolled baby overlock hem, providing a durable yet delicate edge finish. This finishing is done with a finely tuned machine to minimize the look of the sewing against the scarf. The stitch density is very high for a polished look.

10. Why is the seam wavy on the edge?

The delicate nature of silk, whether natural or vegan, has always made it the most challenging fabric to work with. If your newly arrived scarf is giving a wave on the hemming stitch, please iron it on silk setting, gently pulling the seam. We promise it's a game changer!

11. What does the printing process for scarves look like?

 Using permanent reactive digital inks means your scarf print won’t fade or wash away.

Reactive printing is a multistep process for printing on natural fabrics. It involves 4 main steps: pretreating fabrics, printing, steaming and washing.

After coating, the fabrics are digitally printed with reactive inks, it’s quick and highly accurate. After steaming the print will be at maximum vibrancy and color depth. The last step is washing to remove all excess inks and residual pretreatment. The fabric passes through 3 different temperature baths with added detergents to wash and significantly soften the fabrics. It’s a long process but so worth it!

12. Are designs printed on both sides of the scarf?

Depending on your choice of the fabric quality, designs are visible to the back side:

90% visible in 100% silk charmeuse and habotai

70% visible in vegan chiffon and silk modal

55% visible in vegan satin charmeuse.

We assure you the quality and feel of our faux silk fabrics is amazing and mimics silk extremely well!

13. How long does production and delivery take?

It usually takes about 5 days to produce a standard order. Please allow up to 7 days for your scarf to be hand crafted as each order is custom made!

Within the USA, orders usually take 2-6 days to arrive once shipped.

Within Canada, orders usually take 2-13 business days depending on the destination within the country.

International orders take 10-30 business days but may be delayed at the border due to customs clearance.

Please note shipping time is independent from production time.

14. Do you offer returns and/or exchanges?

 Yes. Please read out refund policy.

15. How is your process environmentally conscious?

Each product is printed to order which eliminates the need of unnecessary stock and the associated production waste. We have carefully researched our suppliers and selected the ones with high environmental standards and work ethic. Fiber-reactive dyes are one of the safest options and digital printing is more eco-friendly than traditional screen printing. See more in our “Green Promise”.

16. What is the fabric care for silk? Can I wash the scarf? 

Yes! Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent strongly recommended. Do not wring dry. Silk is a delicate fabric and requires gentle care!  

For best results, wash in cool water with 1 tbsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of salt for the 1st wash. Hand wash with mild detergent for subsequent washes. Can be ironed on silk setting. 

17. Can I order a custom design?

Reach out to Darya regarding custom design work.

18. How do you come up with pattern designs? What inspires you?

Flowers in all manifestations (I have a small garden), seasons turning, New England gardens, global history of craft, all things book-related, pen-and-paper writing, color, traditional artisanal techniques (painting, textiles, ceramics, basketry, wood and more), fine home décor, languages, knowledge and science, a good joke, travel and the eternal search of harmony and balance.

19. What does your enigmatic logo mean?

Pattern Talent logo reflects the traditional pre-computer pattern drawing method with a tracing paper sheet cut into four pieces and rearranged several times in numbered sequences, so that a seamless repeat tile is created in the end. 

It also reflects my fascination with manuscripts, antique typography, writing and symbolism. Pattern Talent logo is often seamlessly incorporated in my designs as an integral part!