Learn With Me

Did you know that before doing my second round of college education in Textile Design I was a professional educator with an honors diploma? Originally an English & German teacher and translator, I'm coming back to my roots as an educator, this time offering classes in textile and surface pattern design - on popular demand from my YouTube subscribers (still remaining an active designer and working artist!).

I've posted my first class on Skillshare - a popular platform where you can take unlimited classes from different teachers once you get an annual membership. Via my link, you can get 1 month free - and take my Introduction to Surface Pattern and Textile Design - Your Unique Path class. More classes on the way!

Have you been curious about the exciting surface pattern design field? What about textile design - are they the same? In this class I share everything you need to get started in surface design, from pattern categories and layouts to supplies and all the income possibilities!

This class will help you choose the best path as a surface pattern designer (and beyond!)  according to your talents and preferences. No previous experience needed! The mini course is packed with examples of my own art as well as useful links, pointers and insider tips.

You can preview the class content and watch the intro before registering here.