Luxury kitchen towel gift for night animals lovers by Pattern Talent
High quality kitchen towel by independent artist Darya Karenski
Organic cotton hemp dish towel with owl, fox, moth by Darya Karenski
Farmers market animals tea towel by Darya Karenski
Chickens and roosters kitchen towel by Pattern Talent

Creatures of the Night Tea Towel - organic cotton-hemp kitchen towel

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Art meets function: luxury quality tea towels for a variety of kitchen uses. Cover your freshly baked bread with them, line a tea tray, use them to dry salad leaves and veggies or dishes, decorate your kitchen or simply wipe your hands. Use them as a great housewarming gift or change them as the seasons turn!

Living in the outskirts of Boston in an area where rural meets urban, I wanted to celebrate the less noticeable and praised nocturnal creatures in this design - the owl, the fox, the raccoon, the hedgehog, the bat, frogs, night moths and friends. The forest and backyard is alive and bustling in late hours, just like big city life at night!

The artwork was hand-painted in gouache and the subtle paper texture is preserved in the design. The color palette is an earthy brown base with pops of white outlines and subdued bright colors.

Size: 17" W x 26" H ( 43 x 66 cm)

Fabric content: 74% organic cotton, 24% hemp

All towels are made to order in the USA and Canada - please allow up to 5 business days for production (does not include time in transit). We ship worldwide!

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Many of my designs are also available as fabric and wallpaper, some - as silk scarves.

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