Olfactory art for perfume lovers - iconic men's fragrance notes illustration
Detail of olfactory art by Darya Karenski - mens fragrance illustration
Men's fragrance watercolor art print wall art by Darya Karenski
Pattern talent by Darya Karenski fragrance watercolor art prints info

Men's Fragrance Illustration Watercolor Print - multiple sizes - high quality giclee | Caswell-Massey Number VI

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  • Caswell-Massey Number 6 perfume watercolor illustration - a full color reproduction of Darya Karenski’s original artwork.

  • A piece of New England and US history: Created in 1772, this is considered America's first fragrance. In 1780 George Washington, America's first president, discovered it at the Newport apothecary, became a repeat customer and gifted it to several of his friends, including the French aristocrat Marquis de Lafayette. The modern edition was re-mastered in 2018 by Laurent Le Guernec

  • Perfume notes pyramids represent aromatic components of the fragrance. These watercolor illustrations along with trivia and reviews from fragrance lovers forums convey the emotions and associations that a perfume stirs in us.

  • Printed with fade resistant highly pigmented inks on delicately textured fine art paper.⁠

  • You choose: Offered in 3 sizes, the print is sealed in a cello sleeve and will be mailed in a hardback envelope or tube depending on the size you choose.

  • The art prints come unframed.

  • Made to order in the USA - please allow 3 - 5 days for production (does not include time in transit).

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Want more?

The nitty-gritty

Fragrance copyright is retained by respective brands. Phrases obtained from public reviews and are modified to convey an association in the best way. No infringement intended. These illustrations are my artistic interpretation of perfume notes and emotions they evoke. Paintings and illustration copyright is retained by the artist.

Please note that, while rigorous fact checking is done when painting, the illustrations do not present the full fragrance pyramid and do not guarantee botanical species accuracy. The notes to be included were selected for their aesthetic and sentimental properties.