Modern Halloween high quality kitchen towel by Pattern Talent
Eco conscious kitchen decor for Halloween, tea towel by woman owned small business
Modern Witch Halloween dish towel in cotton linen
Non traditional Halloween colors kitchen towels made in USA with snakes, crystals, herbs, wikka, toad, evil eye, palmistry

Modern Witch Kitchen Towel - cream - cotton linen Halloween tea towel

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Art meets function: luxury quality tea towels for a variety of kitchen uses. Cover your freshly baked bread with them, line a tea tray, use them to dry salad leaves and veggies or dishes, decorate your kitchen or simply wipe your hands. Use them as a great housewarming gift or change them as the seasons turn!

Modern witch essentials: mushrooms, potions, crystals, bunches of herbs, candles and incense, accompanied by the friendly familiars: toads, snakes and bats.

Available now in cream multicolor + jewel tone purple with orange. Additional colorways can be added within 48 hours upon request (see last photo)

Size: 17" W x 26" H ( 43 x 66 cm)

Fabric content: 68% cotton, 32% linen

All towels are made to order in the USA and Canada - please allow 5 - 7 days for production (does not include time in transit). We ship worldwide!

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