Closeup of a silk scarf by Darya Karenski inspired by Victorian greenhouses and botanical illustration
Silk scarf by Darya Karenski inspired by Victorian greenhouses and botanical illustration
Silk scarf Plantomania by Darya Karenski. Soft green botanical illustration silk
Silk scarves Pattern Talent by Darya Karenski, 100% silk charmeuse, silk habotai, silk modal, vegan chiffon, faux satin charmeuse fabric scarf made in USA

Plantomania Silk Scarf Available in 2 Sizes - 100% Silk or Vegan Faux Silk - Handmade to Order

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Your own sophisticated accessory -  a square silk scarf by textile designer Darya Karenski.

The story

Inspired by the Victorian fern craze and Wardian cases (the grandfathers of terrariums). I like doing thorough research for works like this, so I've looked up plants that were actually popular to grow in glass cases, brought from faraway corners of the Earth. I've included cinnamon, tea, peppercorn and, of course, a variety of ferns! Okay, I'm going to admit I randomly threw in a protea (because I've been meaning to paint it forever), a strelitzia (because I took pictures in Portugal and it's just gorgeous) and previously painted grapefruit (because it complements the color palette well). But Victorians loved citrus, didn't they?⁠

Hand-painted and drawn in watercolor and ink, complemented by bits of Darya's actual handwriting, block printing, floral motifs.

You choose

Available in 2 sizes: 1) 26 in/ 66 cm neckerchief and 2) classic 36 in/91 cm oversized scarf in 4 fabric selections of two 100% silk and two vegan silk options to cater to your sophisticated taste.

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Printed to order and handmade in Canada. Please allow 7 days for your scarf to be hand crafted as each order is custom made!

  • Printed and handmade to order
  • 2 size options ( 26 in/ 66 cm or 36 in/91 cm square scarf) 
  • Available in 100% Silk or Vegan Faux Silk
  • Baby machine rolled overlock hem
  • Designed in the USA by an independent artist and textile designer Darya Karenski
  • Printed and sewn in Canada and the US