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I'll tell you a little secret dream of mine: I would really love to illustrate a stamp. I sent my submission over exactly a year ago to USPS (United States Postal Service) art commission and even received a reply from Washington DC that they'd put me on the list. Even though it seems virtually impossible, I'm not losing hope!

I draw a lot of inspiration from snail mail (and "the old ways" in general!), vintage ephemera and botanical illustration. I have combined all these things in my Postal Reminiscence design. (It had been completed a couple years before I submitted my art to USPS!)  It took a while to paint the motifs in watercolor and draw some of them in ink, I even included some art that I'd done a few years earlier (the peony and the rose) - yes, another few years.

As you've probably guessed, my art process is a slow one. It doesn't mean that I can't design fast. Having worked in a rigorous corporate design environment, I'm no stranger to churning out dozens of artworks. But it's not my favorite way to work. I really cherish the moments of true inspiration - when I sit down to paint what I TRULY want to paint, rather that what trends require, and it happens every so often that months pass before I get back to a design (like in the case of the peony and rose).

I feel guilty about this way of working. But I've gotten to embrace it as a part of my artist personality. And I definitely prefer designing in a timeless aesthetic. This philosophy permeates my entire life. I do love things that last. I do prefer to wear the same favorite pieces in several colors - for years. I mend my clothes. I fix appliances when I can. Being from a 2nd world country definitely helps (even though I'm not a fan of this definition). I appreciate that I was brought up this way. It makes total sense with taking care of the environment, which I'm also passionate about.

I always come back to Postal Reminiscence as one of my signature pieces. No wonder it was one of the very first designs that I turned into a silk scarf! I think it conveys quiet elegance and a sense of nostalgia. If you are an old soul like me, you might appreciate this design as well! Wear it yourself or get it as a gift here.

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