Can you smell it? Introducing my olfactory artwork collection!

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Olfactory art by Darya Karenski

Fragrant flowers, perfume notes, fragrance art - oh my! I'm so excited about all of this. Great smelling things are my passion. I have been meaning to dive into perfume art for a while. It actually, started a few years back when I created my Aromatherapy design and lots of its derivatives.

Aromatherapy olfactory art fabric collection

By the way, you can find the main Aromatherapy print as a silk scarf and kitchen towel in the shop, as well as wall art.

Back then, I made an elaborate list of all things fragrant including flowers, fruits, nuts and... moved on to my pattern design work and what not. I was still working as a full time in-house designer as well, creating my own artwork in free time. (Burnout was only months away, but that's another story.) 

But the idea of making perfume artwork kept nagging me. I am a long-time perfumaniac and scents are a huge part of my life - not just perfumes, but also natural fragrances all around me. I have a very acute sense of smell and often buy perfumes just to experience it, or guided by a certain note that I chase (the latest has been linden flower and I'm still on the hunt for a perfume).⁠ I have always been mesmerized by "the nose" job - perfumers, chemists at work really inspire me, it's a beautiful combination of science and art.

Perfume notes - olfactory artwork inspiration

Anyway, this year I decided to get back to painting fragrant plants - as perfume notes and also as just pretty botanicals, as I am a huge plant enthusiast and flower gardener. 

I also decided to illustrate a few of my favorite perfumes. As of now, I've done 3 women's and 2 men's, even though a true perfume lover will always tell you it's more of a marketing trick than a rock solid rule.

Fragrance illustrations - perfume art

Scents are ALWAYS an association and words are required to describe how a fragrance makes you feel. My linguistic side kicks in here as well. Describing scents is an art form and I've included some reviews that have struck a chord with me.⁠

Perfume artwork | Fragrance painting by Darya Karenski

I have added these illustrations as high quality perfume art prints. Understanding that it's a very niche project, I'm sticking with 5 perfume illustrations but I would LOVE to do more. Drop me a note if you would like a custom perfume illustration.

I also decided to add the separate notes as mini art printsThere are plenty of fragrant flowers, also some vegetables and nuts (I'm going to have to get creative when I tap into notes like "ozone", "aldehydes" and such.)

Perfume notes wall art
If you have no interest in perfumes, they still make great wall art because they are, in essence, just pretty botanicals. They also offer lots of mix and match opportunities being painted and designed in the similar style.⁠

Because I painted them small, I don't want to compromise printing quality and offer them in 2 sizes only - 5" x 7" and 8" x 10". Send me a message if you are looking for a particular fragrant plant or need a bigger size!⁠ I also have the originals available for sale, at modest 4" x 6" on delicate handmade cotton paper. If you'd like to purchase any, please reach out and I will list them in the shop so you can make a purchase.

Explore the olfactory kingdom!

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