My pattern is featured in Spoonflower Fall 2023 Look Book

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Wow, what a moment! Let's be honest, every Spoonflower designer dreams of making it to their look book and other marketing materials. While this platform is full of amazing talent, it's really hard to stand out in the creative, skilled and experienced crowd, so I'm particularly honored and happy to be included!

Darya Karenski featured Spoonflower designer Autumn 2023 Look Book

In case you don't know, Spoonflower is a print on demand company providing high quality printing on fabric, wallpaper and multiple home decor items. I am a very active Spoonflower contributor as I love designing patterns for wallpaper and large scale interior fabrics, but the platform also offers me the flexibility to upload kids', apparel, quirky, whimsical, non-conventional and/or simplistic geometrical designs - so I do not have to make creative sacrifices if I do not want to! (I am notorious for working in multiple styles and categories as opposed to niching down.)

Loved by professional interior and fashion designers along with sewing enthusiasts, Spoonflower is a globally renowned go-to destination for print & pattern. Any design that I added to my Spoonflower shop can be ordered as different kinds of fabric, wallpaper and home decor. 

In the Autumn Look Book, a bestseller of mine, Wild Grasses in mustard colorway and small scale, is enjoying the company of other talented artists' designs on pages 2 (pinch me!) and 8 as a part of the Colorful Cottage Layers collection.

Darya Karenski Spoonflower featured designer Autumn 2023 Look Book

Darya Karenski editor's picks fabric and wallpaper

Wild Grasses is a classical millefleur inspired design, taking roots in the medieval tapestries with millions of ditsy flowers - I love this topic and often tap into it while making patterns! I'm offering this design in 2 sizes for all your interior decor needs, plus multiple colorways! Click on the photo below to explore the collection.

Darya Karenski Wild Grasses millefleur interior fabric and wallpaper

If you feel like plunging into the depths of my creative pattern mind, I invite you to explore collections in my Spoonflower shop! I organize them by topic, look, color and designs with particularly many colorways (guilty as charged!) get their own collection.

Always feel free to reach out if you are looking for a particular design and/or wallpaper substrate, fabric or a home decor item.

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