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... that's what they say. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Darya Karenski - the artist and designer behind Pattern Talent.

First of all, the bold brand name was coined by my husband with the motto "Go big or go home" when I was graduating from college in Textile Design and knew I wanted a brand focused on creating repeating patterns for home decor, stationery, apparel - you name it. (I wanted it all and am still a bit guilty of that. I enjoy the very process of putting illustrations in repeat - pardon the lingo, it means creating designs that repeat on fabric, wallpaper or any surface - hence another name of the industry - surface pattern design.)

I drew the company logo over a couple weeks back in 2017, carrying my sketchbook everywhere tirelessly - the aha moment being at a VW service center where my car was getting some TLC. The enigmatic rectangle reflects the traditional pre-computer pattern drawing method with a tracing paper sheet cut into four pieces and rearranged several times in numbered sequences, so that a seamless repeat tile is created in the end.

My little brand didn't take off right after the graduation - the twists and turns of destiny brought me into corporate design where I stayed for 4 years working on bedding, stationery and a multitude of other patterned retail products. I was working on Pattern Talent on the side, slowly but surely burning out. In the midst of the 2021 pandemic I took a leap of faith and with the support of my husband of 16 years (with genius naming skills) and made Pattern Talent my full time job.

Besides textile and surface pattern design (wallpaper and home decor being some of my faves), painting is my other greatest passion. I venture to paint landscapes at Massachusetts plein air events weather permitting and exhibit in local fine art shows from time to time. You might also notice my portfolio is flower-heavy and that is for a reason - I am an avid flower gardener on a little plot that we started from scratch next to our 170-year old colonial house in Boston's suburbia.

My style is largely an amalgamation of fine art and illustration, transferred into textile design. I sell my designs on fabric, wallpaper and home furnishings such as pillows, bedding and table decor actively through Spoonflower and this very website. Feel free to explore items with my designs in the shop! Square silk scarves are my absolute favorite design baby. 

If you would like to learn more about me, check out the articles here and here.

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