7 reasons to buy gifts for yourself (it’s totally normal!)

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I’ve noticed there’s a certain stigma about buying things for yourself, especially the ones on the pricy side. I’ve embarked on a journey to find out why it is this way. It is deeper than we think. Here are 7 reasons to get that pretty thing you want so much or take some time to pamper yourself:

  1. Treating yourself is not selfish.

Do you believe doing things for you is egoistic? First of all, why is selfish always seen as negative? In the 21st century the word has so many nuances to it. What about self-sufficient? Confident? With healthy boundaries? Clear understanding of your needs? Mature enough to understand the correct priorities? Caring for you doesn’t make you value others any less. It is not selfish to take care of yourself – in the words of Ru Paul, if you can’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else?

  1. Happy you – happy family.

I feel like we often prioritize our family needs over our own. But how can you take care of others when you’re down? While buying a gift for yourself might seem like a quick fix, sometimes it’s just exactly what you need. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – even your favorite cappuccino with a pastry at a cozy café or shopping at a favorite store does the trick and here you are – recharged and ready to give your folks all the care they deserve.

  1. Self-gifting is a way to celebrate.

“If I could get over that hump… maybe I will feel better” – that’s a song by Erykah Badu. Let’s be real, there are enough humps in our lives – from work hustle to achievement milestones. Why not celebrate getting over that particularly steep hump like graduation or a particularly difficult week?

  1. You deserve it.

You work so hard all week and take care of the people who surround you; it feels like it all goes unnoticed sometimes. Why not treat yourself for all the dedication and effort?

  1. No one knows better what you want and when you want it.

Let’s admit it – sometimes it’s just too much work asking, explaining and dropping hints. No, not from that store, please… That’s not quite the shade… Thank you so much but… (swallows frustration because doesn’t want to be the cranky one…) There’s nothing wrong with asking and waiting, but why wait? Just hit add to cart.

  1. You can buy an expensive gift without putting the pressure on someone else.

If your loved one has a budget, it might be challenging to ask for something over it. Avoid the awkwardness and just buy it yourself. After all, if your most important expenses are paid and you can afford to splurge a bit, you’re not hurting anyone.

  1. It’s science.

Studies have shown people who care for their well-being are more successful and mentally happier, cope with life’s challenges much easier and can give back to the family and community tenfold.

Which reason speaks to you the most?

 Take care (of yourself)! Until next time!

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