Rural Living art collection launch

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Rural Living Watercolor art by Darya Karenski

As I'm preparing for my very first original watercolor art collection drop, I wanted to share some inspiration behind this creation. 

What does Rural Living mean to me? And why did I choose it as my very first original art collection? Is it the cottagecore trend? Not really. It's that my life IS rural and New England countryside plays a huge role in my creative flow.
Long walks in nature are my meditation and recharging process. Seasonal changes spark my creativity and influence my working process - always. I have a flower garden that I started from scratch and I LOVE watching the lifecycle of plants, from seed to bloom and withering into dry grass and graphic stalks against the snow.
I love my old colonial style house and filling it with whimsical objects that I collect -be it textiles, antiques, vases for flowers or dishes, love making my home cozy with cooking and baking, lighting candles and aromatherapy. But most of all things in rural living I love the serenity and  the slower pace, when you just... take your time, away from the hustle, you watch the sunset and appreciate the unfolding seasons.
No matter if it is your living of choice as well or you are looking  for just a sliver of calm - these are the things I want to share with you through this collection.

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